CPSC 317 2016W2 with Dr. Acton

“Internet Computing,” the official title of the course, was really interesting and I liked it. There admittedly was not a lot of material to learn and the professor, Dr. Acton and the course layout made it easier for me to stay interested and invested in the course.

Logistically, it’s not a core requirement but an upper year elective which may attribute to its relatively less burdensome material-load.

Just a disclaimer though: don’t be fooled by the lectures, the assignments are brutal.

There were 3 assignments: an FTP client, a DNS resolver client and, an FTP server. The one I enjoyed doing most was the DNS resolver; irrelevant information I know but, just a side note. Each assignment is worth 8% for a total of 24% and you must cumulatively pass the assignments to pass the course. The assignments are super time-consuming but you got a bonus mark for working with a partner.

There were also 3 quizzes which rounded out to 1 in-class quiz every two weeks. This really helped me because it forced me to study; these were worth 8% a piece for a total of 24%.

Finally, the final was 52% and the standard: ‘you must pass the final to pass the course’ policy. The final was 150 minutes, 152 marks, 20 pages and cumulative. Honestly, I barely finished and some questions I just ‘filled in’ but didn’t really answer because I didn’t know how to. I think my study method prepared me pretty well for the exam but the questions I didn’t know I just didn’t have the time to memorize.

This is a good time to mention: it might be a good idea to take those Omega-3 supplements that mom always said were good for your memory, because you’ll need to memorize and regurgitate for a fair bit of the quizzes and exam.

Oh, and there are tutorials but they aren’t for marks and they aren’t mandatory so guess who didn’t go after the first tutorial? Moi. Not proud of it but also, they aren’t super necessary unless you need help on your assignments. I found that SlackOverflow and Google was sufficient. I’m not discouraging you from going; go. It’s always a good idea to utilize your resources. My tutorials were so awkwardly placed into my timetable so…. ya.

Do I recommend CPSC317? Yes; I think there is value learning the rudimentary components of networking considering a huge portion of our lives are routed to the Internet.


Final (must pass to pass the course) = 52%

Quizzes (3) = 24%

Assignments (3) = 24%, written in C, Java


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