GTheatre: Update

March 6th, 2017 — 24 days until the project is due.

The Heroku app hasn’t been updated since its been launched since I’ve been getting errors trying to implement the front-end.


PHP >=7.0.0 [here]
Composer >=1.3.2 [composer download here]
(Optional to run locally) XAMPP [apache download here]

To Run/ Starting

In Terminal, make sure composer is installed.


 composer update

This will update your dependencies.

 cd public
 php -S localhost:3000

Change your directory to GTheatre/public and run the -S start command to run locally on port 3000. (Note you can change the port number if you want to if you have something already running on port 3000.)


In the web browser of your choice go to:



1. If you get the error stating that you are missing “…autoload.php” in index.php line 5, make sure you pull the vendor packages in the branch “vendor” [the commit on github] or [vendor from packagist]
You can also just download it online.
2. we are using bootstrap as well as font-awesome css and jquery; these files should already be included in the root directories but if for some reason you get an error from these pathways, you can also download these online [font-awesome] [bootstrap] [jquery]
3. To run locally make sure you comment out

 $this->DBConnection = new mysqli($server, $username, $password, $db);

and uncomment out the following line

 $this->DBConnection = new mysqli("localhost", "root","","GTheatre");

in src/Database/dbConnect.class.php


Honestly, I’m not confident in front-end development. So far the only thing that I’ve decided on, on my own thanks to a few examples I’ve googled over the weekend, was the use of CSS (bootstrap and jquery) with the php files.

The front-end and some of the functionality of the API are still in progress but the framework of the application and the basic database population are not likely to change too much. I would really like to get one page just to work but I’m getting a lot of missing file or unknown path errors, probably because I misnamed some of the paths since I did a little bit of refactoring mid-project.


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