Create DB, New Table with XAMPP

Just a little update about that CPSC304 project.

Okay, so this is me messing with XAMPP.

Once you start the XAMPP mySQL database go to: localhost/phpmyadmin/

You will be directed to the MySQL setup page.



So right now I have 5 databases in mySQL. I only created test; the others I’m sure are defaults from the XAMPP program itself.

To create a new database, click New. I added a gTheatre database and started to add a table for theatre halls.


This actually gives me way more options that I even know what to do with. This seems like an easy enough UI for working locally but the problem is that I need to deploy to a remote database hosting service and make sure that I can work collaboratively with my group members.

I have experience with SQL and Ruby on the backend but during my work term I jumped onboard after the databases were set up and all I did was update and work on new features. I’m still not sure how to do it for this project.

I also have experience with non-SQL databases which is probably the opposite of helpful at this moment in time. My CPSC 310 project hosted its remote database on MongoDB.

I think, and I’m not sure if this is making things more complicated or less, but we will need a separate API repo and a front-end application repo. I’m not sure though and we also don’t have that much time left for the project.


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