Downloading MacTeX

I dropped a course — because I’m planning to take it during the summer — but in my short time in the course, I realized that my professors probably didn’t struggle with Microsoft Word’s finicky formatting when making our assignments.
I love(d) Microsoft Word and honestly, didn’t know a potentially better alternative existed for formatting equations and code into my assignments. I’m hoping that this will the first to reduced struggles in making my assignments ‘pretty’ and better formatted homework assignments.

I downloaded MacTeX, because I’m working on a MacOS.


What do you get? Supposedly everything.

MacTeX installs TeX Live, which contains TeX, LaTeX, AMS-TeX, and virtually every TeX-related style file and font. TeX Live is maintained by TeX User Groups across the world. TeX Live is compiled from the same sources for all platforms: Macintosh, Windows, Linux, Unix.

MacTeX also installs Ghostscript, an open source version of Postscript, and it installs the GUI programs TeXShop, LaTeXiT, TeX Live Utility, BibDesk, and Excalibur.

So promising *_*

But I’m predicting a steep — climb the Mayan pyramids-esque — learning curve.

From the screenshots online and the two .tex documents I’ve seen, it looks a lot like HTML. That statement makes it sound like I don’t CTRL+C, CTRL+V a lot of my front-end code but, unfortunately I do.

Once I finished downloading, I got a folder in my Applications filled with TeX goodies.


Step 1: start with READ_ME_FIRST.pdf.

… *do the stuff the pdf is telling me to do* …

And voilà


Small victories.


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